Doctoral student opening (with Dr. Stavros Veresoglou)

Doctoral student (3 yr) in the Rillig lab at Freie Universität Berlin
TV-L E 13 65%, 36 months
Reference code: SAC002

We invite applications for a PhD studentship funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within the priority program Biodiversity Exploratories which aims at adapting a species-area framework for microbial taxa. The project is led by Dr. Stavros Veresoglou.

Job description:
Unlike traditional ecologists that can often identify and count every single individual in a study area, a microbial ecologist, particularly when working with soil, has to infer these diversity metrics. The usual procedure involves subsampling tiny volumes of habitat, relative to the size of the study area. This assumes that these are representative of the surrounding habitat; and, depending on the resolution of the technique used, it means assaying a representative but not complete fraction of the community in that sample. For this project we will use an adaptation of the species area curves (SAC) methodology to address this limitation. The PhD candidate is expected to collaborate with an existing team at Freie Universität Berlin and address the following objectives:
1) How do SAC estimates of beta diversity relate to those produced from exhaustive sampling of the soil habitat?
2) How does land use intensity influence alpha- and beta- diversity of microbial communities?
3) Are there undocumented systematic biases in assaying diversity with traditional molecular methods across land use gradients?

Master’s degree in Molecular Biology or a related field. C1-certified skills in English (via certificates such as TOEFL IBT 110/120; IELTS 8) or English as language of instruction at previous university. Excellent molecular-lab skills.

Evidence of previous work with molecular techniques and experience with aseptic techniques.

Applications for the position can be forwarded by 31.07.2017 in PDF format electronically (if possible in a single PDF documet) to Dr. Stavros Veresoglou, stating the position code.


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